Sunday, 13 March 2016

Humber Flyer New Timetable, and a look at co-ordination with other services

Recently the weight restriction on Melton Ross railway bridge on the A18 in North Lincolnshire was lifted, enabling buses to use it once again, instead of having to divert via Croxton. The main service to benefit is Stagecoach's Monday to Saturday Hull-Barton-Humberside Airport-Grimsby-Cleethorpes Humber Flyer, which has had a temporary timetable since 29th September 2014. While the diversion via Croxton was quite short, on a fairly tightly timed long distance route it was enough to require an extra vehicle and revised timetable to maintain an hourly service.

Tomorrow, Monday 14th March, the Humber Flyer reverts back to it's pre-September 2014 timetable with the Croxton diversion removed. There are however a couple of enhancements and amendments to the service being made at the same time. The first morning journey from Grimsby to Barton is extended to Hull, and there is a new later 1910 journey from Hull to Grimsby (1800 last departure pre-September 2014, 1820 in the temporary timetable). The first morning journeys continues to leave Grimsby at 0555 as happened in the temporary timetable, rather than revert to it's pre-September 2014 0605 departure time. The evening peak timetable from Hull is heavily revised with a 90 minute gap after the 1450 departure until 1620, then 1720, 1810 and the new 1910. It appears there are 40 minute layovers in Hull for two journeys late afternoon, I guess to ensure evening peak departures from Hull leave on time.

It is also worth checking intermediate times, as some have changed from the pre-September 2014 timetable.

The new timetable does not see one journey a day divert into Barnetby; this is due to the construction of a roundabout causing a road closure until the Summer, though there is no explanation of this in the new timetable.

The co-ordination between Barton and Hull on the Humber Fastcat and Humber Flyer is good (though not excellent) for most of the day. The morning peak from Barton has departures at 0640 (Flyer), 0650 (Fastcat), 0740 (Fastcat), 0810 (Fastcat), 0810 (Flyer) and 0900 (Fastcat). During the day departures are at :00 (Fastcat), :10 (Flyer) and :30 (Fastcat), while in the evening the Flyer departures at 1730 and 1830 are at the same time as the Fastcat. From Hull the 0715 Flyer operates in between the 0655 and 0725 Fastcat (better than the 0720 Flyer departure pre-September 2014), then departures during the daytime are at :05 (Fastcat), :35 (Fastcat) and :50 (Flyer). In the evening peak departures from Hull are at 1620 (Flyer), 1635 (Fastcat), 1710 (Fastcat), 1720 (Flyer), 1740 (Fastcat), 1810 (Flyer), 1825 (Fastcat), 1910 (Flyer) and 1925 (Fastcat). Not entirely perfect, especially in the morning from Barton to Hull, but Barton-Hull co-ordination will not be the only factor in determining timetables.

One of those other factors is Laceby to Grimsby co-ordination of the Humber Flyer with the 7 and 53. In the morning peak journeys leave Laceby at 0630 (7), 0700 (7), 0730 (7), 0800 (7), 0804 (53), 0825 (Flyer) and 0909 (53). During the daytime Laceby departures are at :00 (Flyer) plus 1009, 1159, 1359 and 1559 (not schooldays). Non-existent co-ordination. From Grimsby to Laceby things are much much better though, with the Humber Flyer leaving at :10 during the day, and the 53 at 0840, 1040, 1240, 1440 and 1540. In the evening peak departures from Grimsby are at 1630 (Flyer), 1710 (53), 1730 (Flyer), 1740 (7), 1740 (53). Worth noting that among the factors at play here is co-ordination of the 53 with other services between Lincoln and Dunholme/Welton.

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Joe said...

I can confirm the College Flyer is runing from Barton to Grimsby in mornings despite not being on the new timetable.