Friday, 18 April 2014

EYMS Weekday Bridlington Changes

From Monday 28th April, EYMS are adjusting weekday services in Bridlington
  • Service 504 will gain a new weekday 0910 Bridlington-Bempton journey; the previous first journey was at 1010. The 0910 currently, and will continue to, operate on Saturdays
  • The 505 Bridlington-West Hill circular sees the current part-route schoolday 0925 West Hill-Bridlington journey start back at Bridlington Bus Station at 0905, matching the equivalent school holiday and Saturday journey.
  • The 512 Bridlington Town Service journey at 1405 will no longer operate on Wednesdays during school term time. This shall create a 2 hour 15 minute gap in the service, though service 513 covers most of the route, operating as a circular service in the opposite direction to the 512
  • The 517 journey at 1607 from New Pasture Lane to Bridlington Town Centre is withdrawn on schooldays
Rather confusing is the change to service 507. The EYMS announcement (as off 18/4/14) states:

"The 2.20pm Service 507 from Bridlington Bus Station will now run on Wednesdays during school term time."

Yet the timetable shows the 1420 service 507 journey as no longer operating on Wednesday's in school term time?

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Anonymous said...

The 14.20 journey to New Pasture Mon - Fri used to terminate at N.P.L and then run dead to Filey to operate school contract work.
Due to changes the service will operate a return to the Bus Station from N.P.L. on Mon,Tues,Thur,Fri.

The changes to Bridlington services has come about due to the fact that Bridlington Depot operated services in Filey for school contract work and these contracts have been lost from Friday 25th April.