Thursday, 24 April 2014

EYMS 510 Changes - Again, Plus Service 100 Returns

EYMS are amending service 510 between Bridlington and Flamborough again from Monday 28th April.

Last June, EYMS diverted the 510 to operate via Bridlington Promenade instead of Quay Road. They also increased the Summer School Holiday frequency to half hourly, replacing previous peak Summer sevice 100. Then in September, following passenger feedback the service was re-routed back via Quay Road.

The latest change will incorporate both routes. Services from Flamborough will operate via Quay Road to Bridlington Bus Station before returning to Flamborough via the Promenade. Through journeys are available from Quay Road back to Flamborough with a five minute wait at Bridlington Bus Station. Services will now leave Bridlington Bus Station at :55 rather than :50 minutes past the hour. All services will leave Flamborough at :25 past the hour as opposed to the current mix of :18 and :25 minute past the hour departures. This means 'short' journeys will wait at Flamborough Dog and Duck for a rather long 12 minutes, which I guess might not please passengers who board on Southsea Road, on the Flamborough 'loop' these journeys follow. A trade off between minimising waiting time at Flamborough, minimising waiting time at Bridlington Bus Station, and standard interval timetables.

The peak Summer frequency increase will be provided this year by the return of service 100, operating between Belvedere Turning Circle, south of Bridlington Town Centre and Thornwick Camp, daily between 20th July and 30th August. Services operate every 55-65 minutes with only alternate journeys serving Belvedere Turning Circle. The 100 is well spaced between journeys on service 510. As a result of the reintroduction of service 100, North Landing and St Aidan Road will not benefit from the Summer frequency increase they enjoyed last year.

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