Saturday, 13 April 2013

Stagecoach Grimsby and Cleethorpes Evening Service Changes

From Easter Monday the daily evening service on routes 13 and 14 has been terminating at Cleethorpes Pier, in line with the daytime service. The evening terminus had previously been on Cleethorpes High Street.

Furthermore since Tuesday 2nd April, the 2245 service 8 on Mondays to Saturdays from Grimsby Bus Station has been terminating at North Sea Lane, in line with all other journeys on the route. Previously the journey had extended to Riby Square via Cleethorpes High Street. In reality this makes little difference, as the 2245 service 8 does still continue to Riby Square as a new 2310 service 9, which then continues beyond Riby Square back to Grimsby Bus Station via Freeman Street

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