Thursday, 18 April 2013

Holloways Not Rebidding

Holloways Coaches have 'handed back' [SEE UPDATE BELOW] two tendered services to North Lincolnshire Council from the end of July - the 55 between Scunthorpe, Appleby, Winterton and Burton, and the 90 between Scunthorpe, Crowle and on Saturdays only, Garthorpe. North Lincolnshire Council's press release initially says they have stepped in to 'save' the two routes, but later refers to having "breathing space to decide what to do", which leaves open the possibility of changes when the routes are retendered.

The 55 was substantially improved a year ago, from a very basic service between Scunthorpe, Appleby, and on some journeys Winterton, to a 90 minute frequency over the full route, and further extended to serve Burton.

Meanwhile the Holloways operated 90, which started last July replacing a former Stagecoach service, fills gaps in the Scunthorpe to Goole service provided by Sweyne Coaches on weekdays and Stagecoach on Saturdays.

UPDATE - This post was originally called 'Holloways Hands Back Contracts', but the Doncaster Free Press reports the contracts expire at the end of July and Holloways do not intend to rebid for them - so not handing them back early, but at the expected end date. Apologies if I have given the wrong impression based on my interpretation of North Lincolnshire Council's press release.

Thanks to the first comment on this post for alerting me to this.


Anonymous said...

Reading between the lines on that press release, it looks like the contracts hae ended and Holloways don't want to renew at the price the council wants.

Hardly 'hands back', which sounds like they broke the contract. Naughty PR officer.

Humber Transport said...

Looks like I fell for that. The Doncaster Free Press confirms your assumption:
"Holloways Coaches currently run the service, but the authority said their contract will finish at the end of July and the company was not seeking to renew it. "
I will alter the post accordingly

North Lincolnshire Council must be deperate for some good PR. I'm really not sure the fact Holloways do not intend to retender for the two services really required a press release in the first place. And it's not the only example of 'interesting' PR -