Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Stagecoach also cancel the 90

It's not just the 398 Stagecoach have cancelled today, also the commercial hourly 90 between Brigg, Ashby, Scunthorpe and Crowle, along with college day variant 590

VOSA - Bus Registration Search Results: PB0001484/4 - LINCOLNSHIRE ROAD CAR CO LTD, PO BOX 15, DEACON ROAD, LINCOLN, LN2 4JB
Cancellation Accepted: Operating between Brigg and Garthorpe given service number 90/590/90C effective from 02-Apr-2012.

The 90 currently provides a 'fast' service between Brigg and Scunthorpe in contrast to Hornsby service 4 that operates via Broughton. Some journeys also divert via Scawby. Between Scunthorpe and Crowle Sweyne Coaches also provide alternative services on weekdays, though at a far lower frequency. Stagecoach operated Saturday tendered service 357 also links Scunthorpe and Crowle on Saturdays.


Steve G said...

I am wondering, if not praying, that this is maybe part of yet another renumbering excercise?. Maybe back to a 356 (or ANOTHER different number) Scunthorpe-Crowle. Or IS it a full withdrawal, and maybe hoping the council with offer a contract for its operation.
Or maybe Sweynes may offer a commercial hourly service somehow??...

Anonymous said...

I am not too surprised about the cancellation of the 90 - but I am surprised that the old 356 has not been re-registered at the same time - Unless they are hoping NLC will put out an emergency tender. Perhaps an opportunity for either Hornsby, or Sweyne to build a greater market share - There must be some demand for a basic 2-hourly service from Scunthorpe to Goole via Crowle, then along the riverside through Ousefleet etc to Goole, simplifying the old 356, 357 and other sweyne services into 1 route, with a simple timetable.

At the other end - Brigg passengers will just move back to catching the 4 - which must have seen a drop in usage following the introduction of the 90.

Humber Transport said...

I don't see NLC putting out a tender for Mon-Fri daytimes or Saturdays to Crowle. Mon-Fri daytimes has Sweyne every 2 hours (commercially?) and Saturdays has the Stagecoach 357. Both are rather basic, but then the old Stagecoach 356 to Crowle was rather basic. The weekday college and peak time services will probably need replacing however

Anonymous said...

Has there been any more news on this withdrawal? I am very surprised it has not made it into the local media yet - just over a month to go.

Sweyne will continue to serve Crowle, but only 4 times per day into Scunthorpe, the first one being at 10:10, and 3 return journey's - the last back from Scunthorpe being at 1pm. (Which means, the only bus that will get you into Scunthorpe really is the 10:10, as the later journeys at 12:10, 14:10 and 16:10 have no return journeys)

Crowle does have a hourly rail service into Scunthorpe - however the distance of the station from the village has always meant this is not used as well as it could be, as well as Scunthorpe Station being a good 3/4 mile walk from the Shopping areas. It is also, I think, more exspensive than the bus, at £5.70 return (off peak)

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous, how am I meant to get to college on a morning?! can't afford to folk out for a train every morning and not only is cutting the buses isolating eastoft/crowle/ealand/althorpe more than they already are, maybe making the buses MORE RELIABLE and costing less, that would get more people on the buses?! the college one is more than full on a morning, since NLC, JLC and St.Bedes use the service, but seriously, what good is this going to do, going to make people pretty angry.
There isn't a lot to do in these areas especially for younger people and well, cutting is off completely is only going to make it 10x worse, They really ought to reconsider this decision before they get a lot of people on their case.

Stu G said...

Reprieved until July and subject of talks with Council re contract out to tender thereafter.