Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Humber Bridge Toll Reductions Confirmed

The Humber Bridge tolls for buses with 17 seats or more will be reduced from £12.10 each way to £4 each way from 1st April. Currently buses do receive a discount, which I presume will disappear, however I don't think the discount is anything like the approximately two thirds toll reduction being introduced.

Bridge tolls are only a small part of the costs involved in providing cross Humber bus services, and reduced car tolls may make the bus less attractive. However at least it appears bus operators have got a very fair deal.

Now the challenge for Stagecoach and EYMS is to promote the ease of using the bus, and how when parking costs and petrol are included, the bus can still be cheaper than using the car especially for those travelling alone. The Megarider Humber (and EYMS equivalent) is a fantastic £22 per week. Return car bridge tolls for a 5 day week will become £15. Unless you have free parking at work, parking in Hull City Centre and petrol will be more than £7 a week, so the bus is still cheaper.

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Anonymous said...

It would help if EYMS had an accurate 350 timetable on their website. According to them they run a journey at 0620 from Hull to Barton and back (Mon-Fri), a journey that was taken over by Stagecoach and extended to and from Scunthorpe some time ago.

Also the 3.15 from Scunthorpe on Saturday has a note that it calls at Winterton School on schooldays!