Tuesday, 13 December 2011

EYMS A63/M62 Corridor Changes

EYMS have today registered with VOSA various service changes/cancellations/registrations that seems to relate to the A63/M62 Corridor Service Review earlier this year. I'm struggling to copy and paste the the reigistrations but here is a summary:

Registrations Being Amended:
144 - Elloughton to Beverley
151/152 - Hull to Willerby
152/153 - Hull to Gilberdyke
155/155A - Hull to Goole
X4 Market Weighton to York
X55/X56/X57 - Hull to Howden

Registrations Being Cancelled:
156 - Ferriby to Goole

New Registrations:
X4 Brough to Market Weighton
X55 Elloughton to Goole

All changes are from February 5th.

While VOSA terminus points aren't always accurate, it would appear the X4 Wictsun Express from Market Weighton to York will now start in Brough, while the X55 Petuaria Express from Hull to Gilberdyke will extend to Goole.

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