Thursday, 15 December 2011

EYMS 103 returns

From Monday 16th January welcome enhancements will be made to services on the Hull City Centre-Beverley Road-Hull University-Cottingham corridor. This is currently served by the 105 operating every 20 minutes Monday to Saturday daytimes, half hourly Monday to Saturday evenings and hourly all day Sunday. Supplementing this is the university term time 102 (effectively a 105 duplicate) and nightbus 106. Some evening and Sunday X47 journeys also operate via this route en-route to York.

Extra services are to be added on the 102 between Hull University and The Lawns Halls of Residence to help prevent overcrowding. The current Wednesday variations are withdrawn, while no services will now serve Hull City Centre.

There will also be a new 103. Based on the timing points provided this service will operate via Spring Bank, Princes Avenue and Newland Avenue rather than Beverley Road between Hull City Centre and Hull University, then as a 105 to The Lawns.

On weekdays the 103 operates occasional journeys during the daytime (replacing the 102) and hourly in the evening. The evening journey's also operate on Saturdays and give 3 buses per hour from Cottingham into Hull combined with the 105. On Sunday daytimes the 103 will operate hourly, giving two buses per hour between The Lawns and Hull combined with the 105. The 103 only operates during University semester times.

However the 103 isn't actually brand new. Until the revised and simplified Cottingham Network was launched in 2005? it operates half hourly Monday to Saturday daytime from The Lawns via Cottingham Centre, Hull University, Newland Avenue, Queens Road and Beverley Road into Hull City Centre.

New 102/103/105 timetable (which seems to have 2 separate weekday timetables, one of which shows the 102 operating in the evening - hopefully to be cleared up with EYMS release the pdf timetable and press release)


Anonymous said...

Don't forget that the 115 also runs hourly on a Sunday daytime (at 50 mins past the hour) and thus, with the 103 and 105, will provide a bus every twenty minutes between Hull Interchange and The Lawns.

Humber Transport said...

With it running a totally different route, forgot all about the 115!

Anonymous said...

I don't agree that the 115 runs a TOTALLY different route. The first third of the route (between Hull Interchange and the Cottingham Road/Cranbrook Avenue junction) and the last third (between Thwaite Street roundabout and outside The Lawns) is identical to the 103. It's only the middle third, a distance of about one and a half miles, that is different.