Tuesday, 6 September 2011

EYMS: Service Cuts and Fares Increases Coming

On This is Hull, EYMS is warning that service cuts and fare increases are coming. Every service will be reviewed and cuts will likely hit rural and late evening services hardest; the intention is to phase in cuts to reduce their impact. A fare increase is expected before the end of the year.

On a personal note for the Humber Fastcat I suspect a fare increase is likely, probably to make fares in line with Stagecoach again. I'll put up with that, the reasons are understandable. However I hope no service cuts, particularly to the last departure in the evening (2110 from Scunthorpe Mon-Sat, 1955 from Ashby Sun) which is very handy to have as an option coming home from work.


Anonymous said...

Peter's comments come as no surprise. Only recently PTEG claimed that 1 in 5 bus services will be cut by 2014 and fares will have risen by 24% between 2009/2014.

Full article: http://www.busandcoach.com/newspage.aspx?id=5801&categoryid=0

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that EYMS are proposing fare increases and route reductions when both Stagecoach and First Group are reporting higher passenger numbers.
In fact Stagecoach are giving shareholders a bonus repayment.

Anonymous said...

i think the main reason behind EYMS threat to put up fares etc is that a high percentage of their routes are rural or suburban. Whilst First and Stagecoach are mostly urban.

I believe that when EYMS finally sell out(it will happen one day)quite a lot of those rural runs will go as the big boys simply are not interested.

Anonymous said...

Departure from Barton to Hull is a nightmare as the passengers are half drunk and start walking on the bus without paying.

Anonymous said...

EYMS have announced a cut in the single fare from 70p to 30p for travel between Hull Interchange and the Royal Infirmary. Whilst this cut is welcome it is still 10p more than Stagecoach charge for the same journey.