Thursday 11 August 2011

Humber Fastcat Gets Hourly Evening Service

Traveline East Midlands shows that from Monday 5th September, Stagecoach are adding one extra journey in each direction Monday to Saturday between Hull, Barton and Scunthorpe on the 350 Humber Fastcat, giving an hourly evening service. There will be a new 2010 service from Scunthorpe and a new 2025 from Hull. A very welcome, if slightly surprising enhancement, and one that may be off use to myself.

Based on the timetables it would appear that Scunthorpe depot will operate the extra journeys, and the current 1 hour layover of a Scunthorpe vehicle in Hull during the evening will cease.

If this is successful, hopefully Stagecoach and EYMS will look at the uneven Sunday timetable, designed to connect to a train service that runs 4 months of the year. Some later evening services, at least on Fridays and Saturdays would also be nice. But lets see how the new mid-evening journeys do first!

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