Wednesday, 31 August 2011

350 Humber Fastcat thoughts

Just a few little things:

1. Stagecoach now call the Barton Interchange, Barton Rail Station, in their timetable, but continue to use Interchange in the journey codes section. Not that it makes much difference, but I wonder why the change?

2. Stagecoach's new timetable has the incorrect timings for EYMS's 2110 Scunthorpe-Hull, which since May has run 3 minutes later between Barton and Hull to maintain a train connection. Again not the most important thing in the world, but the timetable is slightly incorrect. EYMS and Stagecoach not talking? Though to be fair EYMS still have the wrong timings on their website too.

3. EYMS have not noted Stagecoach's new evening journeys on the 350 on their website. Not surprising I suppose as they do compete with EYMS, but an example of the joint operation not being displayed in public. EYMS don't actually display times for any Stagecoach 350 services on their website, having withdrawn the link to the Stagecoach pdf timetable. Use their website and the 350 only runs every 3 hours!

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