Friday, 22 January 2010

Who will takeover the 41 and 109?

As previously reported, Hull City Council has agreed to continue to fund operation of services 1C and 41. Service 1C (Sibelius Road-Hull-Kingswood) will continue to be operated by EYMS, but not the 41 (Hull-Greatfield-Bilton Grange) from 7th February onwards. Sadly from a passenger perspective they do not say who the new operator will be. The same also applies to East Riding of Yorkshire Council contracted route 109 (Bricknell Estate-Cottingham), which will continue to operate, despite also being under threat.

So if anyone knows the new operators, please leave a comment. Stagecoach maybe? But nothing on their website as off 11.30 on Friday 22nd. CT Plus? But would anyone award them a contract after the park and ride debacle? Or an independent - Lords Coaches? Ellie Rose? Jim Bell?

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Anonymous said...

Stagecoach will be operating service 41 from February 8th.

They will also be operating the 701Park & Ride service for a few days from Monday 1st February until CT Plus can get their buses on the road.

Stagecoach will also operate the 701 on match days at the KC Stadium and at events like Hull Fair.