Friday, 22 January 2010

Introducing Twenty-Ten

Last month I posted about EYMS service changes in the Willerby and Cottingham area. Timetables have been released, with no major differences to my original post.

Worth noting is that the 64 shall continue to extend from Castle Hill Hospital to Willerby in the evenings (daily) to maintain evening Willerby to Cottingham links not provided by the 115/154. The Willerby services shall be numbered 64C, and continue to operate back into Hull via WIllerby Road, as at present, though as a 44C rather than the current 47. A sensible arrangement for relatively quiet time off day.

Also two morning peak journeys on service 44 from Hull to Willerby shall operate as service 44A via Willerby Parkway; the 35 will not serve Willerby Parkway at these times.

The new network has been branded Twenty-Ten. This is based around the core services in the network operating every 20 minutes, Monday to Saturday daytimes. For key places, such as Cottingham and Willerby, two services combine to offer a 10 minute frequency into Hull City Centre. A nice piece of marketing in my opinion.

EYMS Twenty-Ten guide.

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