Sunday, 16 August 2009

New Service 109

Last Monday (10th August), EYMS started a new hourly morning/early afternoon service 109 between the Bricknell Estate in Hull, Cottingham and Castle Hill Hospital. It also serves St Margaret's Road in Cottingham, which has had no bus service since the 115 was rerouted earlier this year.

The service is fairly well co-ordinated with new Stagecoach service 110 between Bricknell Estate and Castle Hill Hospital to restore a roughly half hourly service, lost when the 63 service was axed last month.

There seems to be no paper timetable or map available yet so I am unsure off how much of Bricknell Estate is served, or if the service is a tendered or commercial operation.

As a side note, this has got me thinking that maybe Stagecoach could consider routing the 110 via St Margaret's Road in Cottingham to restore a link to Hull. The 110 isn't the quickest Cottingham to Hull bus, but it would be better than nothing, and would not add more than a minute or two to the existing running time of the 110.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget one morning service 61 journey still serves St. Margaret's Avenue, so it wasn't left completely without a service when the 115 was rerouted.

Humber Transport said...

Is that the 0737 departure from Castle Hill?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it starts from Beverley at 0710 and runs via Walkington, Little Weighton, Skidby, Castle Hill, St. Margaret's Avenue, Eppleworth Road and Northgate to King Street and Cottingham Green and then on to Hull via Priory Road.