Tuesday 27 December 2022

For The Record: No more Nightbuses in Hull

Suspended at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hull's last nightbuses, operated by East Yorkshire, never returned. Following a change just before suspension, they comprised:

  • A University Term Time Only Saturday service 106S from Inglemire Lane (departing 2250) to Spiders Nightclub on Cleveland Street via Cottingham Road, Beverley Road and Bond Street in Hull City Centre
  • Three year round Saturday evening/Sunday morning service 106 journeys from Hull Old Town (departing 2330/0030/0130) to Cottingham Burton Road via Bond Street, Beverley Road, Cottingham Road, Cottingham Green and Cottingham Green Lane
  • One year round Sunday morning service 106 journey from Spiders (departing 0215) to Cottingham Road via Freetown Way and Beverley Road
  • One University Term Time Sunday morning service 106 journey from Spiders (departing 0245) to Cottingham Road via Freetown Way and Beverley Road
  • Four University Term Time Thursday morning service 107 circular journeys from Hull University Asylum Nightclub (departing 0115, 0145, 0215 and 0310) via Newland Avenue, Princes Avenue, Spring Bank and Beverley Road back to Asylum
There is a Saturday 2330 service 63 from Hull Paragon Interchange to Cottingham Green and Green Lane which acts as a partial replacement for the 2330 106 journey, but no alternatives post midnight.


Anonymous said...

Atik did attempt a bus service with Acklams with pick-ups operating from Hull Uni. (https://www.facebook.com/atikhull/posts/pfbid02WW4rT9Hn4ywTEK8gpUX4fnJvuhatNkLCDc6p4HpusveRMrGZRsdehCAjCfhAerjdl).

Unsure how the service went / if it is still operating.

Anonymous said...

The retime of the last 255 didn't help either, although both trips are apparently at risk of removal by the 28th of march

Humber Transport said...

When you say 'both trips', what journeys are you referring to? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Both of the last 255 trips, the 2235 and the return 2320

Humber Transport said...
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Humber Transport said...

Disappointing to hear that, but at the same time not surprising. There never seems to be many cars leaving Wren just after 2300 - so presumably the number of staff finishing at 2300 is low