Sunday 29 August 2021

The 240 drops it's 0.

Next Sunday - 5th September - East Yorkshire will be renumbering their 240 service between Hornsea and Hull as service 24. 

Times are revised throughout the day, but it remains hourly Monday to Saturday daytimes and at these times operates as a through service in Hull onto Beverley as new route 23. I'd be surprised if this link got much use, given Stagecoach's 4 covers much of the same route within the Hull City boundaries far more frequently, but it does replace the connection from the Hornsea area to Woodmansey, Dunswell and Beverley Road lost with the 246's withdrawal (more on that in a later post). 

Another key change Monday to Saturday daytimes is that the 24 is perfectly co-ordinated with new service 25 between Hornsea and Leven to offer a half hourly service over this section - at present services 240 and 246 (which the 25 replaces over this section) have either 20 or 40 minute intervals between them each hour.

Monday to Saturday mornings the first service from Hull is now at 0630 rather than 0835 and on Saturday mornings the first service from Hornsea to Hull is also earlier at 0630 rather than 0715. Monday to Saturday evenings there is a new 2000 from Hornsea into Hull - currently no service between 1830 and 2155 - but the last service of the day at 2155 is replaced by a service 25 at 2150 via Beverley. Earlier services from Hull and the 2000 from Hornsea are possibly adjusting the timetable - in a good way - to reflect the closure of Hornsea depot 3 years ago, something that wasn't done at the time (there will still need to be some 'out of service' journeys to and from Hornsea with the new timetable, but less than before).

On Sundays there is major enhancement from three to six journeys - a two hourly daytime service - that oddly I've not see East Yorkshire highlight in their publicity for their September service changes. 


Anonymous said...

I used to travel regularly between Cottingham and Hornsea in the 1970s when the route number was 25! Since then parts of the route have seen various numberings, viz 80, X80, 180, 246.

NMcB said...

As with the 25, the Hull-Leven-Hornsea route Is reverting to its traditional number, as it was the 24 until around 1985 when the Hull Area Co-ordination Agreement was terminated because of impending deregulation. I can’t remember the exact reason (possibly something to do with Hull Concessionary passes) but all EYMS services where there was a KHCT alternative up to the Hull boundary were given 3-digit numbers, so 12 became 121, 24 became 240, 51 became 151, etc. Where EY provided the only or main local service within Hull the traditional numbers remained, e.g. 56, 60/61/62/64, 76 and 79.

Anonymous said...

I recall it was to do with the Crown card travel pass (and probably other passes). You could use it on an East Yorkshire bus, numbered less than 100. As the last post states, routes not served by KHCT were numbered less than 100. So for example you could use the Crown Card on the 66 towards Hessle, but not the 181.