Sunday, 24 January 2021

Good News for Paull and Preston

East Yorkshire revised services 78 and 79 between Hull, Victoria Dock, Hedon Road, Hedon Town Centre and the Inmans Estate in Hedon from Monday 4th January.

Previously, in addition to the locations above which are served by both services, the 78 additionally served Hull Marina and the western part of South Bridge Road in Victoria Dock, whilst the 79 routed via the village of Paull. Together the two routes operated hourly Monday to Saturday daytimes, with the majority of services operating as a 78. With the 78 and 79 having unique sections at different parts to the other, in most of Victoria Dock and along Hedon Road there was no even interval hourly frequency, but from both Hull Paragon Interchange and Hedon Thorn Road Corner the 78 and 79 provided departures every 20 minutes combined with services 76 and 77.

The 78 has now been rerouted away from Hull Marina and the western part of South Bridge Road, but instead serves the village of Preston, which otherwise only has the 277 every 95-150 minutes into Hull (plus 1 journey each way on a Saturday on service 173 and Stagecoach's Cranswick Foods workers service 677). The 79 continues it's same route via Paull. The new timetable retains the combined hourly service Monday to Saturday daytimes, with each route now operating every two hours, giving Paull a small increase in services. With the 78 and 79's unique sections of route now both being between Hedon Road and Hedon Town Centre, Victoria Dock and Hedon Road gain an even interval service, and the 78 is quicker between Hull City Centre and these areas. The 20 minute frequency from Hull Interchange is retained, now in conjunction with services X7 and 75 (more on these soon), however from Hedon Thorn Road Corner it's now a 15-15-30 minute split across the hour for departures into Hull.

These changes are a clear improvement for Paull and Preston and to a lesser extent, an enhancement for Victoria Dock and Hedon Road.

Hull Marina and the western part of South Bridge Road are now covered by new service 178, which operates as a circular from Paragon Interchange to the Marina, South Bridge Road and back to the Interchange. The 178 operates Monday to Saturday with departures from Paragon Interchange at 0725 (Not Sat), 0915, 1115, 1215, 1415, 1515 and 1720.


NMcB said...

The 178 seems to be purely a temporary arrangement, as the original registration shows it running between 4 January and 30 January only - see N&P for 25 December at
This is in line with the EY website, which shows no service from 1st Feb onwards.
I don’t know if any replacement is planned, but Stagecoach 16 nominally serves the section to Hull Marina, although I believe it is not being served at the moment due to closure of roads in the Fruit Market area. The only unique section of 178 is therefore the double-run to Humber View - perhaps this is an HCC tender requirement which needs to be covered until the end of the month ?

BA533 said...

Would explain why it doesn’t appear in the Hedon and Victoria dock timetable leaflet!

NMcB said...

There is now an update on the EY website which explains that from the 8th February, Humber View will be served by Stagecoach 16 and Hull Marina by the Priory Park and Ride. It’s a shame that there will be a gap of service for a week, but both the replacements should offer an improved service, and in the case of the Marina, very much so. However, as at 29th Jan there is no information on the Stagecoach website, so perhaps best not to jump to any conclusions regarding the new timetables.

Humber Transport said...

Well researched on the 178 only being temporary!

NMcB said...

The revised timetables for Stagecoach 16 (Preston Road) and 20 (Park & Ride) are now on their website at
All journeys on 16 serve Humber View and all on 20 serve Hull Marina, so both areas receive an improved service as a result of the change.