Saturday, 31 October 2020

Replacing Service 9 (and Service 12 Updates)

During the Summer, Stagecoach withdrew service 9 in Hull. The 9 linked Hull Paragon Interchange with James Reckitt Avenue (Garden Village), Ings Road, Cavendish Road, Sutton Road, Leads Road, Midmere Avenue, Bransholme North Point Shopping Centre, Honiton Road, Wawne Road, Kingsbury Way, Richmond Lane, Kingswood Health Centre, Runnymede Lane and Kingswood Retail Park. Off peak alternate services operated as variant 9a via Lambwath Road rather than the eastern part of James Reckitt Avenue and Ings Road. The frequency was half hourly combined across the 9 and 9a Monday to Saturday daytimes. I think the service was due to be withdrawn in Stagecoach's cancelled April changes, but it kept going a bit longer, including a brief period running between Paragon Interchange and the Ings Road area only.

Replacing the 9/9a in Garden Village is service 12 variant 12a. Pre-pandemic the 12a was an evening and Sunday variant to service 12, the 12 operating between Paragon Interchange, Holderness Road, Summergangs Road, Gillshill Road, Sutton Village, Noddle Hill Way and Wawne Road and North Point, whilst the 12a diverted to the edge of North Point on Barnstaple Road in between serving Sutton Village and Noddle Hill Way, then after serving Noddle Hill Way diverted to Kingswood Retail Park. Now the 12a is a Monday to Saturday daytime variant serving Garden Village rather than Holderness Road and Summergangs Road.

Since 30th August, the 12 and 12a have each operated half hourly Monday to Saturday daytimes for a combined 4 buses per hour, and the 12 additionally half hourly Sunday daytimes and hourly daily evenings. That has maintained the half hourly Monday to Saturday daytime service for Garden Village compared to service 9, but at the expense of Garden Village's Kingswood link, a less frequent services for Summergangs Road, and from the service 12 route to the Holderness Road shops. Pre-pandemic the 12/old 12a variant had been operating every 15 minutes Monday to Saturday daytimes, half hourly Monday to Saturday evenings and Sunday daytimes and hourly Sunday evenings; so it's only Monday to Saturday evenings which still have a reduced frequency, rather understandable with the restrictions on the evening economy. 

The first service from North Point (Kingswood Sundays) pre-pandemic was at 0530 Monday to Friday, 0600 Saturday and 0750 Sunday, but is now 0455 Monday to Saturday and 0800 Sunday - an enhancement 6 days a week. From Paragon Interchange first services were 0647 Monday to Friday, 0717 Saturday and 0855 Sunday but are now 0610 Monday to Saturday and 0825 Sundays. Last service pre-pandemic was at 2330 daily from Paragon Interchange, but currently is 2310 Monday to Saturday and 2210 Sunday, whilst from Kingswood the last departure was at 2235 Monday to Saturday and 2155 Sunday but is now at 2245 Monday to Saturday and 2130 Sunday from North Point.

From Monday (2nd November) the 12/12a has a new timetable, with the Monday to Friday daytime frequency increasing to every 20 minutes each on the 12 and 12a, for a combined six buses per hour. That's a 50% increase for Garden Village and for the combined 12/12a route compared to pre-pandemic, presumably influenced by the need for social distancing. Weekend and evening frequencies remain unchanged.

Turning to the eastern section of James Reckitt Avenue, with the withdrawal of the 9, this is left with the East Yorkshire operated Monday to Saturday off peak service 50 only, though one side of the road is East Park and part of the other side a school, so the 50 may suffice here. Parts of Ings Road, Cavendish Road and part of Sutton Road are left only with the Cranswick Foods workers service 677, and Lambwath Road becomes unserved. For some passengers, a short walk to Gillshill Road for the 12 and 12a maybe an option. Also left unserved is Leads Road between Sutton Road and Midmere Avenue; here passengers will need to either walk to the 2 on Sutton Road or the 8 and 11 on Midmere Avenue. The 8 and 11 give Midmere Avenue a service every 10 minutes to Paragon Interchange and a service every 20 minutes to Kingswood Retail Park, so the loss of the 9/9a is not significant here.

Honiton Road is now covered by revised service 7, of which more in a future post, but retains a half hourly Monday to Saturday daytime off peak service to Paragon Interchange, whilst loosing it's peak time service. The section of Wawne Road that the 9 served is also covered by the 12/12a, so the main loss here is the Kingswood Retail Park link.

Turning to the Kinsgwood estate and Kingsbury Way is now served by service 11, retaining links to Hull City Centre, Holderness Road, North Point and Kingswood Retail Park and operating every 20 minutes Monday to Saturday daytimes rather than the 9/9a's half hourly service, albeit via a longer route to the City Centre. Richmond Lane is served by the 6 and 11, whilst as noted in a previous post, the half hourly 6 is now the only service for Runnymede Lane with the link to North Point lost.

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