Sunday, 31 March 2019

Stagecoach 99 Hull to Bridlington

As expected, Stagecoach have won the Bridlington Park and Ride contract; they have a five year deal (2019 to 2023 inclusive) with East Riding of Yorkshire Council to provide the service, which operates for 2019 between 6th April and 3rd November.

At the same time, Stagecoach are introducing service 99 between Hull and Bridlington. The service operates direct between Hull Paragon Interchange and Bridlington via the A165, serving stops along Holderness Road, and in the villages of Skirlaugh and Beeford en-route. In Bridlington the Park and Ride site is served before most services run into Bridlington Bus Station. The 99 operates on the same dates as the Bridlington Park and Ride and has between three and five journeys each way, leaving Hull Interchange at 0745, 0815 (certain dates only) 0945, 1045 and 1645 (certain dates only), and returning from Bridlington at 1315, 1715 and 1845 from the Bus Station, plus 1825 and 2110 from the Park and Ride site on certain dates only.

The 99 would appear to be vehicle and driver positioning/changeover journeys run in service, with a little bit of extra mileage to serve Paragon Interchange and Bridlington Bus Station than would otherwise be needed if run out of service, or in service by the most direct route possible. However despite the apparent reason for it's existence being 'logistical', the 99 may still be off use to Bridlington daytrippers and for that reason it makes sense for Stagecoach to try what they are doing with the 99. It will provide some competition for East Yorkshire's 121 between Hull and Bridlington, although both services use entirely different routes between Paragon Interchange and Bridlington, and also for East Yorkshire's tendered 136 between Beeford and Bridlington.


Unknown said...

Has the service 99 Hull to Bridlington resumed.

Unknown said...

Has the service 99 Hull to Bridlington resumed,timetable available.?

Humber Transport said...

Yes - see

John b said...

Stagecoach, will the 99 service hull to Bridlington be resumed 2022,regards John