Monday, 12 December 2016

EYMS 106/107 Changes

When Hull University term resumes in January, EYMS will be adding a new journey to Saturday 'nightbus' 106; the current 4 year round journeys from Hull City Centre to Cottingham will be supplemented by a new late evening departure from The Lawns Halls of Residence in Cottingham at 2250 to Spiders Nightclub on Cleveland Street in Hull, operating via Cottingham Green, Hull University, Beverley Road, Bond Street in Hull City Centre and Club Valbon. This new journey will only operate during university term times, starting January 21st, and unlike the existing service 106 journeys will not serve the residential areas in West Cottingham.

However at the same time 'term-time' nightbus 107 from Hull University to the The Lawns will no longer have 0345 and 0415 departures from the University on Saturday night/Sunday morning, with the last departure from the University at 0315. The 0345 and 0415 journeys were only introduced in October.


Joe said...

The 45 number will be re-used in Grimsby according to Traveline. Running to Ulceby via Habrough.

Sam Boothby said...

Joe, its an error. Note that they are down as being only running to 23/12/16!

By the way, I have been informed that Monday is when the service 5 timetable will be released. Watch this space!

Joe said...

Thanks, it looked to me like the frequent 5 would run the current route, and the 45 via the A180 part of the way on some journeys, fast to Barton?

Shame it's an error, on the 20th the helpful silver timetable bus is in town, I guess they'd have the new info.

Humber Transport said...

NLC say the 450 will no longer run through to Grimsby, with connections available at Immingham instead

Sam Boothby said...

New timetable up, every 20 minutes for the most part Grimsby-South Killingholme