Sunday, 25 September 2016

Wolds Villager returns to Humberside Airport

From tomorrow, Monday 26th September, the weekday 68 Wolds Villager service operated by Hornsby Travel on behalf of North Lincolnshire Council will resume serving Humberside Airport. The service otherwise links Brigg with Wrawby, Barnetby, Melton Ross, Kirmington, Croxton, Wootton and Ulceby.

The areas road network has suffered major disruption in the past couple of years, with a weight restriction on the A18 Melton Ross rail bridge and the construction of a new roundabout at Barnetby Top, which has necessitated temporary timetables for the 68 focused on serving local villages. With the weight restriction lifted earlier this year and the roundabout complete, the 68 once again has time to serve Humberside Airport without compromising frequency.

Departures from Brigg Cary Lane are at 0955 (to Humberside Airport), 1055 to Humberside Airport, 1155 (to Kirmington or Ulceby), 1410 (to Kirmington), 1515 (School Hols, to Barnetby) and 1615 (to Barnetby). In the opposite direction there are departures at 0750 from Barnetby, 0919 from Kirmington (starts Ulceby on Tue+Thu), 1020 and 1120 from Humberside Airport, 1252 from Kirmington (starts Ulceby Tue+Thu), 1438 from Kirmington and 1530 (School Hols) and 1630 from Barnetby. Some afternoon journeys also serve Brigg Leisure Centre.

As can be seen the timetable isn't that useful for Humberside Airport, and it is more a case of as the service is passing by it might as well serve the airport, or use it as a convenient place to turn around. When combined with the demand responsive Call Connect service the 68 may be off more use for the airport, or as means of connecting onto the Humber Flyer which serves the airport.

There will be more disruption to the local road network in the coming years as the Melton Ross rail bridge needs replacing, but this should be minimal as the new bridge will be slightly north of the existing one.

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