Sunday, 28 February 2016

CB3 Hedon Shuttle

On Tuesday (1st March), a new service starts from Burton Pidsea and Roos into Hedon, operated by Holderness Area Rural Transport (HART). The CB3 Hedon Shuttle will operate on Tuesdays and Wednesdays providing 2 journeys in each direction. It will serve the main shopping area in Hedon, as well as doctors' surgeries and the Netto Supermarket, and provide connections onto EYMS service 76 into Hull. The Inmans Estate in Hedon is also served.

The service is initially a pilot, operating until 26th October, and has been organised by the Burton Pidsea Better Transport Group. It is funded through the Tedder Hill and Burton Pidsea Wind Farm Funds, with Roos Parish Council also a partner. East Riding of Yorkshire Council have provided advice and support.

One of the reasons for launching the CB3 is to respond to a 2014 service withdrawal - however this seems very odd to me as the service withdrawal in 2014 was the weekday commuter services 174/175, that served a very different purpose, and the 174 didn't even serve Hedon! If anyone can correct me, please post a comment.

Regardless of the 'backstory' to the service, good luck to it. Links from Burton Pidsea and Roos into Hedon are only available on Saturdays at present, so the CB3 fills a gap in service provision. As well as the Saturday EYMS 173 into Hedon and Hull, Roos and Burton Pidsea are also served by Pearsons Coaches 76C to Withernsea, East Riding of Yorkshire Council's 243 to Beverley, and Roos by EYMS's 129 between Withernsea and Hornsea.

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Unknown said...

EYMS withdrew the service because of low passenger demand. The local community came together following this and with the support of East Riding of Yorkshire Council undertook a local transport survey. However it didn't reveal substantial need for a commuter service - rather a large un-met need for off peak weekday connections to Hedon.

Humber Transport said...

Thanks for the explanation.