Wednesday 7 January 2015

York Proposed Bus Cuts Rejected

Last week I covered proposed cuts to supported bus services by City of York Council. These were rejected by councillors at a meeting last night, though changes are still possible. Transdev York cross boundary services 10 and 36, which extend into the East Riding of Yorkshire, were amongst the services that could have been affected.

Resolved:  That Cabinet agree:
(i)           Not to make the recommended budget savings in relation to the withdrawal/reduction of bus routes;
(ii)          To undertake consultation on the criteria used for the funding of subsidised bus services;
(iii)         That the Director of City and Environmental Services, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Transport, Planning & Economic Development, be delegated authority to make the necessary efficiencies in services which does not involve the withdrawal of any bus routes.
Reason:     In order to retain existing services and provide transport for residents in areas where local bus operators are unable or unwilling to provide bus services commercially.

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