Friday 12 September 2014

Extending the 110, and 30 Changes

Want to go from Castle Hill Hospital to Sutton? Since the start of the month this is now possible to do if you don't mind a 90 minute tour around the Bricknell Estate, Hull City Centre, Garden Village and North Point Shopping Centre thanks to a newly extended Stagecoach service 110. While the end to end journey is rather lengthy, and it is quicker to catch more direct services and change at Hull Interchange, the extended 110 is a rather useful combination of the previous 110, K1 and parts of the 30W.

The 110 had been providing an hourly Monday to Saturday daytime link between Hull City Centre, Chanterlands Avenue, the Bricknell Estate, Cottingham and Castle Hill Hospital, and it still does. There are some time changes in the morning peak, the last service from Castle Hill Hospital is now an hour earlier at 1650 and the service operates to/from Hull Interchange via Park Street now city centre access is provided by it's new cross-city extension.

That cross city extension takes the service along George Street and up Stoneferry Road (useful for connections onto the 30 group of services) before serving Chamberlain Road, replacing service 30W. The 110 then serves part of James Reckitt Avenue (not the part previously served by the 30W) before operating along Gillshill Road, already well served by the 31 and 32, Sutton Road and Leads Road. Instead of operating direct along Midmere Avenue to North Point, the 110 serves Dorchester Road en-route to North Point, replacing the K1. After North Point a clockwise loop is operated along Noddle Hill Way, Kestral Avenue, again replacing the K1, Howdale Road in the Spring Cottage area, replacing the re-routed service 10, and Sutton Village back to North Point. The 110 also operates hourly Monday to Saturday daytimes in East Hull, albeit with no peak time service to Kestral Avenue and Howdale Road.

The new 110 is essentially a like for like replacement for the 30W along Chamberlain Road. As far as replacing the K1 is concerned there are losses and gains; the K1 had provided a weekday only service but the 110 also operates on Saturdays; the K1 had provided direct links to Kingswood which are now lost, but the 110 provides new direct links to the City Centre. Plus while the end-to-end journey time may be unattractive, for journeys such as Spring Bank to Gillshill Road the cross city link may be attractive.

The 30W suffix was originally intended for journeys serving Wawne, but recently had been used to denote services operating via Chamberlain Road. With the 110 now serving Chamberlain Road, the 30W variation has been withdrawn. The weekday daytime  service on the 30 ‘corridor’ between Hull City Centre, North Point and North Bransholme retains 6 buses an hour, alternating between the 30 and 30A variant; previously one 30A an hour had been operated by the 30W. On Saturday the previous daytime pattern had been a 15 minute frequency alternating between the 30 and 30A, plus an hourly 30W; now the pattern is just the 15 minute 30/30A, though the 110 does partially replace the 5th frequency.

Wawne retains an hourly daily daytime service, plus a limited late evening service from Hull City Centre, operating as extensions of the 30 or 30A. Also as a result of the 30W withdrawal, all services now serve Bodmin Road.

Elsewhere on the 30 corridor early morning services are substantially improved. From Hull Interchange the weekday morning peak 30b short journeys to North Point are extended through to North Bransholme, and the 30X variant via Sutton Fields now runs until 0855, the previous last journey had been at 0625. In the reverse direction, weekday early morning services will operate from Brook Street in Hull City Centre via Ferensway, Hull Royal Infirmary, Rawling Way and English Street Smith and Nephew to Hull Interchange. On Saturdays the first service from Hull Interchange is now at 0610 rather than 0710 and a new 0630 service 30 from North Bransholme to Hull is added. On Sunday mornings there is a new 0840 from Hull Interchange and 0830 from North Bransholme.

All weekday early morning and Saturday daytime journeys on service 30 shall now follow the evening and Sunday variant via Leads Road and Sutton Road. The section of Holwell Road between Leads Road and Sutton Road is now only served by service 30 every 20 minutes on weekday daytimes (plus limited service 101). Should all service 30’s be routed via Leads Road and Sutton Road, or are there good reasons why the weekday daytime service sticks to Holwell Road?

Overall with the withdrawal of the 30b and 30W, the corridor is simplified into the 30 omitting Leads Road, the 30 via Leads Road, the 30A and the 30X.

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The problem with the copying with Word is common, unless you are using special characters I suggest you try notepad instead. The 110 is better than changing buses as you don't have to pay for as much if you stay on the same bus.