Friday 11 July 2014

X62 September Change Details

North Yorkshire County Council have published the following details about Stagecoach's September change to the X62 between Hull, Brough, Goole, Castleford and Leeds.

"The following journeys will no longer operate: Glasshoughton to Goole Monday to Saturday 0705hrs, Sunday 1145 and 1700hrs. Goole to Glasshoughton Monday to Saturday 0543hrs Sunday 1003 and 1523hrs. There are minor changes to intermediate running times."

From this it can be deduced that the Monday to Saturday 0450 Hull to Leeds and 0645 return plus the Sunday 0910 and 1430 Hull to Leeds and 1125 and 1640 return will be withdrawn. All these journeys were introduced in February. The next service in the current timetable from Hull to Leeds is at 0630 Monday to Saturday, arriving in Leeds at 0818, and from Leeds to Hull at 0845. On Sundays a service currently operates an hour later than all off the journeys which are being withdrawn.

While it is a shame to see services cutback, Stagecoach have tried a package of enhancements and some of their risky ideas sadly seem to not have been a success. At least they were tried. An 0450 from Hull to Leeds was always going to be a 'bold' move and the X62 will remain suitable for most commuters into Leeds, as well as continuing to offer suitable times for Sunday days out to Castleford and Leeds.

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