Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Stagecoach's new 31X

From Monday 4th November, Stagecoach in Hull have converted the Monday to Friday 1710 service 30W journey from Hull to Wawne into a service 30A, omitting Garden Village. Meanwhile the Monday to Friday 0747 service 30W from Wawne To Hull has become a 0750 30A from North Bransholme to Hull, omitting Wawne and Garden Village.

Elsewhere the weekday peaktime service on route 31 between North Bransholme and Hull has been withdrawn; 4 morning peak journeys were provided at 0710, 0730, 0750 and 0810 from North Bransholme, returning from Hull in the evening peak at 1630, 1700, 1730 and 1800. Along Summergangs Road and Gillshill Road the enhanced 10 minute frequency on the 32/32A replaces these journeys.
For other parts of the 31 route, and for Wawne and Garden Village, the above changes are replaced by new service 31X. The 31X operates from Hull via Garden Village (service 30W route), Holwell Road (service 30 route), Barnstaple Road, Noddle Hill Way and North Bransholme (service 31 route) to Wawne. Journeys depart Wawne at 0725 and 0745, and Hull Interchange at 1710, 1730 and 1750. This provides an enhanced peak time service to Garden Village and Wawne, but provides slightly less peak time Noddle Hill Way-Holwell Road buses.

The current version of the 31 has always been an unusual service, designed to ‘fill the gaps’ on the 30 and 32, avoiding adding resources to both routes simultaneously, as well as providing a few new links to employment areas around Sutton Road and Holwell Road. The new 31X in part seems to be a reaction to the 32/32A increased frequency along Summergangs Road, meaning the 31 is no longer needed at peak times.
Finally the 31, now just a daily evening service, operates via Drypool Bridge/Alfred Gelder Street instead off North Bridge/George Street to match the 32, with which it provides a co-ordinated service.

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