Friday, 18 October 2013

Holloways end Grimsby Shopper

Earlier this week Holloways Coaches cancelled their weekly 'shopper' service from Scunthorpe and Brigg to Grimsby. From VOSA:

  • Cancellation Accepted: Operating between Holloways Garage and Grimsby Bus Station given service number FP1 effective from 10-Dec-2013.

At one time I think there were around 4 different services from across North Lincolnshire to Grimsby operated by Holloways. I certainly recall a weekly service through Barton.

Seems an odd time to cancel the service just before Christmas, though I had wondered if maybe Holloways are going to keep operating the route as a weekly coach trip, as opposed to a local bus service? (pure speculation by me)


David Barrett said...

I doubt that this will run as an excursion. My mother is a regular user of this service and informs me that patronage has declined over time. The stay in Grimsby was shortened a while ago and Broughton was added to the route which made the service less attractive overall. Presumably Holloways do not wish to remain a stage service operator.

Anonymous said...

Was the disruption from the bus station closure that was originally planned to be before new year the final straw for this service? And the green transport leaflets are saying these works will help people use public transport, how will the bus station closure improve any services if the Shopper bus and the 1,2 & 20 are all being cut back. It looks like they are making room for a shop more than improving transport.