Monday, 9 September 2013

Stagecoach in Hull Service 13 Changes

One Stagecoach in Hull change that commenced last Monday (2nd September) that I didn't cover at the time was alterations to the 13 between Hull and Orchard Park Tesco via Spring Bank, Chanterlands Avenue, Fairfax Avenue and Hall Road. Previously all journeys followed this route, with the exception of some weekday morning journeys that operated via Kelvin Hall School, numbered 13S.

Since last Monday however, a much more frequent service has been provided via Kelvin Hall School and Hotham Shops, omitting Fairfax Avenue and numbered service 13A. Every half hour Monday to Saturday daytimes, and every hour evenings and Sundays, journeys on route 13 have become 13A's. Journey times on the 13A are the same as on route 13 despite the longer route.

New route map showing the 13A diversion

Also worth noting is that the 13B suffix has been withdrawn. The 13B used to represent journeys that did not operate as a circular with service 14 - such journeys are now are just highlighted in the timetable.

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