Saturday, 22 June 2013

Hornsby gain the 90 and 590

Traveline East Midlands reveals that it is Hornsby Travel who have won the contract to operate service 90 from 29th July, replacing Holloways Coaches. As already reported the weekday timetable is unchanged. (to be pedantic the 0721 from Scunthorpe will run one minute earlier). 

On Saturdays 5 journeys continue to operate from Crowle to Scunthorpe, and 5 rather than 4 will operate from Scunthorpe to Crowle; Garthorpe will no longer be served. Two journeys each way will now serve Scunthorpe Hospital on Saturdays, in line with most weekday journeys. 

One afternoon journey each way will extend beyond Crowle as far as Luddington, filling a gap in the 357 Scunthorpe-Goole timetable, which will otherwise the provide the only Saturday bus service to Eastoft and Luddington. While the revised timetable is fairly well co-ordinated with the 357 leaving Scunthorpe, it's not brilliantly co-ordinated in the other direction. Departures from Crowle  (o/s The Hub) for Scunthorpe will be at 0752, 0913, 0952, 1228, 1252, 1613 (x2), 1757 and 1836.

Hornsby Travel have also won the contract for the college day 590 from September, another former Holloways Coaches service that links Eastoft and Crowle with the Scunthorpe Colleges.


Anonymous said...

When tendering the 90 route, In my opinion, NLC should be looking to combine it with the 35 service on one tender. It would be quite easy to create a circular route from Scunthorpe to Keadby, including the estate off Trent View area every hour, then every 2 hours each way round a loop via Amcotts, Garthorpe, Luddington, Eastoft, Crowle and Ealand back to Scunthorpe. It would give Crowle a roughly hourly service from Town, whilst combining resources with other services, and enhancing the services to some other villages in the area.

Humber Transport said...

NLC have got to be careful though not to compete with Sweyne's commercial weekday services. The current 90 timetable fills the gaps in Sweyne's service, but an hourly tendered service to Crowle might adversely affect Sweyne's

Really though NLC, Sweyne's and East Riding Council (who tender the Saturday 357) need to sit down and simplify the whole Scunthorpe-Crowle-Goole corridor. Two service numbers should suffice, one for journeys via Crowle, one for journeys via Amcotts. Suffixes could be added for the odd variation. Obviously some journeys would not run the whole route, but a simplier network might help attract some extra usage