Saturday, 30 March 2013

31 Weekend Daytime cutbacks

From Easter Monday, Stagecoach service 31 between Hull City Centre and North Bransholme will see most of it's weekend daytime services axed. These currently operate half hourly in the morning and early afternoon inbound to the city centre, then half hourly in the late afternoon outbound from city centre - effectively acting as a relief to 'trunk' routes 30 and 32. It would seem relief is no longer needed.

The only weekend daytime journey's maintained are four North Bransholme-City Centre journeys on Saturday morning, at 0735, 0805, 0835 and 0905 - before the 32 reaches it's main 15 minute frequency.

Weekday peaktime journeys on the 31, and the daily hourly evening service remain. Stagecoach have said the 32 also has a revised timetable, but from a quick look I cannot spot any changes.

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