Thursday, 15 November 2012

EYMS Christmas/New Year 2012/13

Too early to start thinking about Christmas? Not for EYMS who have released their Christmas and New Year service details. Full details here, but below is a summary.

Christmas Eve - Normal Monday service will early finish around 8pm
Christmas Day - No Services
Boxing Day - Usual daytime hourly service on routes 34C (Hull-Willerby-Castle Hill), 56 (Hull-Longhill), 64C (Hull-Cottingham-Castle Hill), plus new for 2012, the 66 (Hull-Hessle)

Thursday 27th and Friday 28th December - Saturday service except the 107, 143, 160 and 162 shall not operate, nor shall the 1430 service 182 from Beverley to Hessle. Services 195 and 270 shall operate to a normal Thursday/Friday timetable.
Additionally on Thursday 27th:
Service 75: The 1825 from Withernsea and 2015 from Hull shall not operate
Service 106: Shall not operate
Service 134: Shall operate a normal Thursday service
Service 135: The 0910 and 1140 from Driffield shall operate as a normal Thursday, but the 0655 and 1710 shall not operate
Service X47: The 1915 and 2250 from Hull and 2208 from York shall not operate
On Friday 28th service 199, S1, S2 and S3 shall operate to a normal Friday timetable

Saturday 29th - Normal Saturday Service
Sunday 30th - Normal Sunday Service
New Years Eve - Saturday service with early finish around 8pm (so no nightbuses). Services 160 and 162 shall not operate, nor shall the 1430 182 from Beverley to Hessle. Services 143, 195, 241 and 270 will run to a normal Monday timetable.
New Years Day - No Services
Tuesday 2nd - Normal Tuesday Service

Comment - Good to see the 66 gain a Boxing Day service. Also good to see that EYMS have removed the pointless reference to the 350 operating to a weekday timetable between Christmas and New Year when the weekday and Saturday timetables are identical.

But EYMS could do more to simplify their description of service levels. Take the Tuesday only 198 Pocklington Town Service, EYMS say the route is operating a normal weekday service on Thursday 27th, Friday 28th and Monday 31st. This means no service. A Saturday service also means no service. Why add to the list of exceptions and say it is operating a normal weekday service, when a Saturday service is the same on the days affected?

Inevitably the Christmas/New Year period brings complexity, especially with services that run once or twice a week. But no need to make it any more complicated than it needs to be.

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