Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Late night buses in the Barton area

Last week's Scunthorpe Telegraph reports about plans to improve late night transport links in the Barton area (unfortuantely I can't find the article online). From North Lincolnshire Council's perspective this is about making use of council vehicles currently unused in the evening, as well as organising voluntary initatives.

However a suggestion at a Barton Town Council meeting was that a coach service was organised one night a week to Hull or Scunthorpe, with a return around midnight. with town councillors noting how public transport in Barton ceases after 10pm (some would quite rightly say lucky Barton for having buses and trains that late). I suspect this idea is very unlikely to become a reality, but if it was, a better idea might be to simply subsidise a later journey on the Humber Fastcat, or speak to EYMS or Stagecoach about funding an extension of a West Hull/Hessle service to Barton (and maybe even beyond), such as the N2 or 66 - this could even be done on a request only basis, reducing the cost.

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