Thursday, 17 May 2012

EYMS June 121/743 Changes

From Sunday 3rd June EYMS are altering the 121 Hull to Scarborough via Beverley, Driffield and Bridlington service, as well as the 743 between Driffield and Pocklington.

On the 121 some journeys will omit Reighton village to improve reliability; the village's service will be generally two hourly, retaining it's current hourly frequency at times. Also more journeys will operate via Cayton Bay instead of Eastfield in Scarborough.

In the evenings the 2125 from Hull will now terminate in Nafferton, not Bridlington, will the apparently little used 2300 from Bridlington to Driffield withdrawn. As a result the last bus from Hull to Bridlington is at 1825 on Sundays and at 1625 on Monday to Saturdays. From Bridlington to Driffield the last bus will now be at 2030 daily.

On the 743 buses from Driffield shall now start from the EYMS Depot and then serve George Street; currently they serve George Street before the EYMS Depot.

EYMS announcement

In addition EYMS are 'splitting' the 121, X21 (Hull to Scarborough fast) and 744 (Bridlington to York) in June to operate under domestic rather than EU driver hours.

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