Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Stagecoach in Hull Changes Overview

Here is a full overview of Stagecoach in Hull's service changes that came into effect yesterday (Monday 2nd April), including details on those that have not had their own separate post.

Services 1/2 (Hull-Boothferry Estate): Slightly revised timetable. Nightbus N2 has a reduced Saturday night timetable.

Service 10 (Circular): Revised route now serving Newland Avenue, Hull University, Orchard Park Tesco and Holderness Road but service withdrawn from Bricknell Estate, Sutton Village and Greatfield. Improved afternoon timetable and new 30 minute frequency between Hull City Centre and Orchard Park via Hull University; this section of the route now operates on Saturdays too.

Service 13 (Hull-Orchard Park): Almost all journeys now serve Orchard Park Tesco, Saturday frequency reduced from every 10 to every 15 minutes.

Service 14 (Hull-Orchard Park): All journeys now serve Orchard Park Tesco.

Service 15 (Hull-Orchard Park-Kingswood). Slighty revused timetable with an extra morning peak journey. Nightbus N15's Wednesday night journeys axed, Friday night service reintroduced and Saturday night service cutback. New journeys from Kingswood.

Services 28/28A (Hull-Kingswood): 28's extended from Kingsbury Way to Kingswood Retail Park and operating as a circular with service 28A. Some extra morning peak 28's from North Point into Hull City Centre.

Service 30 (Hull-North Bransholme): Generally alternate services diverted via Leads Road as service 30A, replacing 'old' service 31. Reduced late evening service Monday to Saturday, and less buses to Wawne at peak times.

Service 31 (Hull-North Bransholme): Previous service between Hull and Kingswood axed. Revised to run between Hull and North Bransholme via parts of the 32 route plus Sutton Road and Holwell Road. Operates half hourly in the weekday peak and during weekend shopping hours, plus hourly in the evening daily. 31F and N31 replaces the 32F and N32. Nightbus N31 has a new Friday night service compared to the old N32, but a reduced Saturday night service.

Service 32 (Hull-Bransholme): Weekday peaktime services reduced from every 10 to every 15 minutes and Monday to Saturday evening services from half hourly to hourly. The 'new' 31 provdes a replacement.

Service 38 (Hull-Bransholme): Service reinstated hourly to replace old 31 via Garden Village. peak time services extend to Kingsbury Way as 38A, replacing old 31A.

Service 41 (Hull-Greatfield): New hourly Monday to Saturday evening and Sunday daytime service.

Service 42 (Hull-Greatfield): Now operates via Portobello Street rather than Maybury Road. Monday to Saturday evening and Sunday daytime frequency cut from half hourly to hourly.

Service 43 (Hull-Greatfield): Slightly revised timetable Nightbus N43 gains a Friday night service but has a reduced Saturday night service.

Service 46 (Hull-Marfleet): Revised timetable, but no change to frequency.

Service 51 (Hull-Kingswood): Slightky revised timetable. Nightbus N51 has a reduced Saturday night timetable but gains a new journey from Kingswood.

Services 52/53 (Ings Circulars). 52A's will start/finish at North Point and the changeover point from service 53 to 52 moves to Bellfield Avenue.

Service 54 (Hull-Bilton Grange). Faster journey time with new route via Maybury Road instead of Portobello Street.

Service 110 (Hull-Cottingham). Minor timetable alterations.

Service 677 (Hull-Cranswick Foods Preston): 0735 from Hull withdrawn. Evening services from Cranswick Foods no longer serve Beverley Road.

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