Thursday, 3 November 2011

Humber Fastcat Changes Loose Ends

To clear up some loose ends with the 350 Humber Fastcat changes next week.

The 'big mystery' as to why EYMS are pulling the early morning journeys and Stagecoach taking them over apparently isn't such a big mystery after all. An informed comment said they were tendered and Stagecoach are taking them on commercially. I'd been under the impression that the Humber Fastcat had been 100% commercial since the March 2009 relaunch. North Lincolnshire Council have removed all reference to tendered journey's from their timetables since then. Which then leads to the question, do North Lincolnshire Council support any other 350 journeys that they don't admit to in their own publicity?

The current 0707 from Barton to Scunthorpe, which will start in Hull at 0620 from Monday will now leave Barton Station at 0700 and run 7 minutes earlier throughout. So no 15 minute waits in Barton!

And the 'missing' balancing evening cut from Scunthorpe to Hull I had previously wondered about is the 1840 departure.

New timetable valid from Monday 7th November 2011

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