Monday, 13 June 2011

Robust connection maintained

Today I picked up some new North Lincolnshire Council timetables, and in the small print comes the welcome news that the 350 Humber Fastcat has had a timetable change to maintain a connection from the last evening service rail service between Cleethorpes and Barton, an issue I have covered before.

The 2153 EYMS operated Barton-Hull (starts Scunthorpe 2110) now departs at 2156 operating three minutes later throughout, and giving a very reasonable five minute connection time from the 2151 train arrival. Well done to the person or people who initiated this!

Though very odd that there has been no on-bus posters about this, nor a timetable amendment registered with VOSA. EYMS website timetable hasn't been updated either.


Anonymous said...

Do they need to notify VOSA for timing changes of less than five minutes?

Anonymous said...

Presumably the VOSA update is not required because the change is within the 5 minutes allowed for minor timetable adjustments.
As you say - the change is not on the EYMS website, but I'm not sure how helpful their timetable is anyway as it just shows EYMS times. The Stagecoach site is better and shows both operators on its Fastcat timetable - but still shows the old time for this journey. In contrast, Traveline shows the new time, presumably as its data is supplied by North Lincs. However, the Traveline journey planner then spoils it by requiring a 9-minute walk at Barton from the station to the bus stop. It therefore does not plan for any train/bus connections at Barton throughout the day! The question is, if these are not guaranteed, should it ?