Monday, 9 May 2011

EYMS Withernsea Cutbacks

As already briefly noted, EYMS are to cut back the offpeak Monday to Saturday frequency between Withernsea and Hull from 2 buses an hour to hourly from 15th May.

The current arrangement is an hourly 76 via Holderness Road but not Burstwick, and an hourly 77 via Hedon Road and Burstwick. The 75 operates mainly in the evenings and on Sundays serving both Holderness Road and Burstwick.

From next week the 76 is cancelled while the 75 becomes an all day service. The new service pattern is an hourly 75 between Hull and Withernsea via Holderness Road and Burstwick, and an hourly 77 between Hull and Keyingham via Hedon Road and Burstwick. 77's still extend to/from Withernsea at peak times. The new service pattern also gives Burstwick 2 rather than 1 services an hour into Hull.

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