Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Lincolnshire Bus Cutbacks

There are a number of cutbacks being made to Lincolnshire County Council supported services from April 4th. Full details here but below are the changes impacting also on North and North East Lincolnshire:

Stagecoach Interconnect 3 (Grimsby-Lincoln) - all Sunday and Bank Holiday journeys withdrawn (also a separate re-routing in Grimsby)

Stagecoach Interconnect 51/X51 (Cleethorpes-Grimsby-Louth-Skegness) - all Sunday and Bank Holiday journeys withdrawn as well as the 0640 and 2120 from Louth, plus 2010 and 2310 from Cleethorpes Monday to Saturday (Guess this question is answered!)

Hornsby 94 (Glentham-Brigg-Scunthorpe) - Saturday Glentham extension withdrawn, will start from Bishop Norton instead

Barnards 325 (Kirton Lindsey-Gainsborough) - This Tuesday shopping service is withdrawn

There are also changes due to commercial services across Lincolnshire including cross boundary services; the A Life of Lincolnshire Travel blog has attempted to compile full details, but there is conflicting information on some services, especially those part tendered and part commercial.

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Anonymous said...

Still struggling with some details! As you say, the conflictions are making it all the worse. Oddly, some services have had no alterations made yet...