Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Stagecoach Barton website

Those of you familiar with the Stagecoach UK Bus website will know at the top right hand side is a list of place names that can be selected to take you to the relevant local website. I have just noted today Barton has been added to the list. Great, but it takes you to the Grimsby-Cleethorpes website which has no mention of the main Stagecoach service to Barton, the Humber Fastcat (nor does it mention the 360 college service to Scunthorpe). Not exactly ideal, any customer unfamiliar with the Stagecoach network in Barton wouldn't know they could get to Scunthorpe. Even those with a knowledge of the network could be left confused looking for the Humber Fastcat timetable.

Neither the Hull not Scunthorpe websites cover all the Stagecoach services to serve Barton either, so it's not really a solution to redirect the Barton link to them. If Stagecoach want a Barton website they are going to have to make one, rather than just redirect to another. Shouldn't be that hard to add a few links to the standard template used. But even if they don't do that, I don't think the current Grimsby-Cleethorpes site redirect works.

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