Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Stagecoach reroute 110

In a correction to a previous post, the 109 around Cottingham will cease after operation on Saturday. Instead from Monday 8th February, Stagecoach shall re-route hourly service 110 to act as a partial replacement thanks to funding from East Riding of Yorkshire Council. Based on the timetable released, It shall now serve New Village Road and St Margaret's Avenue in Cottingham. Cottingham Rail Station shall now also be served, to replace changes to service 154.

Again seems like a sensible change to replace the 109. Also I wonder if EYMS will continue to two-hourly service 60 via New Village Road, now the 110 will provide an hourly link into Hull? Could be an opportunity to simplify the 60/60A/61/62/64 group of services?

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