Monday, 14 December 2009

Major EYMS Service Changes - February 2010

Today, the VOSA website shows major changes from EYMS in the Hull area from February 7th. However readers should beware that further VOSA entries may follow in the coming days, and some services are on joint registrations, and therefore while mentioned below may not actually see any changes. As a result the list below is just an indication of what may change.

Services cancelled:
1A/1C (Sibelius Road-Hull-Kingswood)
41 (Hull-Greatfield-Bilton Grange)
109 (Bricknell Estate-Cottingham)

Services due to see changes:
33/34/44/45/47 (Hull-Wold Road/Willerby)
56/57 (Longhill-Hull-Hessle)
64 (Hull-Cottingham-Willerby)
66 (Hull-Hessle)
102/105 (Hull-University-Cottingham)
115 (Hull-Cottingham)
151/152 (Hull-Anlaby-Willerby)
154 (Hull-Willerby-Cottingham)

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