Saturday, 3 October 2009

X62 October Changes

Following the July changes to Stagecoach service X62 between Hull, Brough, Goole and Leeds, that aimed to provide a better spread of journeys, further changes will occur from Monday 19th October. The Traveline East Midlands website has a new timetable that shows an extra weekday journey, 2 extra Saturday journeys, and timetable changes every day of the week.

Current weekday timetable
Hull D. 0640 0940 1140 1340 1640
Leeds D. 0830 1130 1330 1530 1830
New weekday timetable
Hull D. 0630 0830 1030 1230 1430 1630
Leeds D. 0830 1030 1230 1430 1630 1830

Current Saturday timetable
Hull D. 0640 0940 1140 1340 1540 1740
Leeds D. 0830 1130 1330 1530 1730 1930
New Saturday timetable
Hull D. 0630 0830 0930 1030 1230 1330 1430 1630
Leeds D. 0830 1030 1130 1230 1430 1530 1630 1830

Current Sunday timetable
Hull D. 1020 1445
Leeds D. 1205 1630
New Sunday timetable
Hull D. 1020 1520
Leeds D. 1210 1710

As can be seen the weekday service is now two hourly throughout the day. The Saturday service is the same, but with the addition of two extra round trips for Saturday shoppers. The late Saturday departure from Leeds at 1930 is brought forward an hour, but the early Hull commuter departure in the morning remains, despite the lack of an afternoon peak return service (1630 is early, 1830 is late).

Finally, maybe this timetable change will see the introduction of the coaches announced with the July change?

See also this post on the history off the X62.


Anonymous said...

Were getting 3 ex megabus skyliners for the X62, when the new astrogens isit? come in service/


Humber Transport said...

Yes I think Stagecoach are getting some new Van Hool Astromegas for the Oxford Tube and Megabus

Skyliners on the X62 would certainly stand out

Paul Coates said...

The plan to use coaches on the X62 have been dropped. Over the last year there has been a steady increase in passenger numbers and certain journey's would overload a coach.

The current regular buses used on the X62 will be replaced by newer low floor deckers in the very near future. These will not be Skyliners.

Humber Transport said...

Thanks for that. Whenever Ive seen an X62 it certainly looks busy, even on journeys you might expect to have some lighter loadings.

Anonymous said...

The trouble is they're all full of free loading OAP's. I bet when the tories get in to power and change the free pass system(they've already said it doesn't work)we will see an end to all these full buses on out of town journeys and one stop wonders!