Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Humber Flyer NEW Mini-website

Last week I posted about the new Humber Flyer service, replacing the X1 between Hull, Humberside Airport, Grimsby and Cleethorpes. This week, Stagecoach have introduced a new mini-website for the service, as they have done with the Humber Fastcat (350).

Nice to see some effort being put into the route launch. However the website reveals some mistakes and oddities.

Firstly the route in Hull. The route map shows it using Clive Sullivan Way, but the timetable has a timing point at Fiveways, which is definetly not on Clive Sullivan Way. How many passengers will study the route map in such detail is questionable, but anyone who does will end up rather confused.

Secondly the single fare from the Humber Bridge to Humberside Airport is £2.75 but the return is £6.00. Mistake, or is it really cheaper to but two singles rather than a return?

And finally the return fare from Humberside Airport to Hull is £6.00, yet the Stagecoach fare from Barton to Hull on the 350 Humber Fastcat is 30p more, despite it being a shorter journey in terms of time and distance.

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