Monday, 16 February 2009

Hull Bus Forum Minutes

A few points from the minutes of the Hull Bus Forum on Tuesday 28th January.

350: Hull-Barton-Scunthorpe

Firstly the 350 changes. As well as the known about daytime increase, the evening service will be improved and the Sunday service altered.

In recent years the evening service on the 350 between Hull, Barton and Scunthorpe has been heavily cutback. At one point it was hourly (same as the daytime service) until the 21.10 from Scunthorpe/21.25 from Hull departures with an extra service each way an hour later on Fridays and Saturdays - all subsidised by North Lincolnshire Council. Then the 20.10 from Scunthorpe/20.25 from Hull were axed and the evening service split into two at Barton, though connecting. In September 2006, North Lincolnshire Council cut funding a number of services in the county including the 21.25 from Hull and return from Barton Mondays to Wednesdays. If it wasn't for a petition, the same journey would also have been axed on Thursdays and Fridays.

So overall a pattern of decline in evening service provision, that looks to be reversed, which is very welcome. On a personal note a 18.55 from Hull to Barton would be very welcome!

The Sunday service has actually been increased in recent years from 4 to 5 return journeys with a 8.25 from Hull and 20.10 from Scunthorpe. Like the evening service it is subsidised by North Lincolnshire Council and the timetable is based around connecting to the Summer Sunday Barton to Cleethorpes rail service. Will be interesting to see what the changes will be. Stagecoach Lincolnshire have introduced new Sunday services on a number of routes recently, such as the Connect 3, so maybe they will be taking on all, or part of the Sunday service commercially?

Stagecoach Hull Service 53

Service 53 between Hull, Garden Village, the Ings Road Estate and Salthouse Road will increase to every half hour in April. Services currently continue as service 52 from Salthouse Road down Holderness Road back into Hull City Centre. Service 53 receives financial support from Hull City Council in the Garden Village area.

Walton Street Park and Ride

The proposal to cut Walton Street Park and Ride is part of the Hull City Council budget for the 2009/10 financial year, though if the budget is not approved the service will continue to operate. The service has received support from local residents. A new park and ride site is due to open however near Saltend.

Stagecoach Hull Service 28

This service will receive low floor buses later in the year.

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