Friday 14 November 2008

New KC Stadium Railway Station

The KC Stadium, Hull Forward, Hull City Council and East Riding of Yorkshire Council have proposed a new rail halt on Argyle Street to serve both the Hull Royal Infirmary and the KC Stadium. The station would be at the junction of the Bridlington and Brough lines. Steer Davies Gleave, the transport consultants, have been appointed to carry out a feasibility study.

When first proposed in 1998, the price tag was £3million but this is likely to have increased.

While in principle this sounds like a great idea, it would only be about 2 minutes travel time by train from Paragon Station. For the relatively fit, the distance from the station to the KC Stadium is walkable, while there are also frequent buses. Would the train operators be prepared to serve a station so near to Paragon, and is it really needed? If the KC Stadium management company, as a private company, wish to spend their own money on this then fair enough, but in my opinion anyway, public money could be better spent elsewhere on the local transport network. Improving Castle Street in Hull just one example.

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Anonymous said...

I agree in terms of the football crowds, but I'm not convinced that everyone going to HRI can be classed as "relatively fit" - it would be this audience who would appreciate a service that stops here