Friday, 4 July 2008

Barton Town Service Changes

From next week (7th July) changes will be made to the Barton Town Service (route 254). It will operate on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays instead of Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and should be upgraded to a low floor bus. There will be changes to the times and the Bowmandale service shall now operate via Horkstow Road instead of Millfields. The service is operated by Hornsby Travel of Ashby under contract to North Lincolnshire Council with further financial support from Barton Town Council.

While on the subject of town bus services in Barton, it would be nice if the Caistor Road Estate in Barton could have a 6 day a week service again. For a short period the X21 (remember that - it ran between Hull and Cleethorpes) operated via the estate. Considering it is a 2 minute detour surely it can't be that hard to do and wouldn't affect journey times too much. The ideal to service to divert would be the weekday Villager service between Barton and Goxhill but that is timetabled with no slack at all so would require the hourly pattern to be abandoned.

Therefore Stagecoach's 250 Barton to Grimsby service may be a better option. It's only every two hours, not low floor, and doesn't serve Tesco (but does serve the nearby railway station and could easily be extended) but would provide a 6 day a week service. It could also be easily timetabled to leaving Grimsby a couple of minutes earlier and getting back a couple of minutes later.

This would also allow the town service to be increased to other parts of the town, and it could also provide extra journeys to the Caistor Road Estate to supplement the 250, and maybe serve parts of the estate not currently served. Furthermore the town service could extend to Victoria House allowing a Friday variation to the Villager service to be withdrawn.

Just an idea of how bus services in my home town could be improved with no extra resources.

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