Friday, 1 April 2016

Hornsby 35 Revised

Today (Friday 1st April), Hornsby Travel have introduced a new timetable on North Lincolnshire Council tendered service 35 between Scunthorpe, Keadby and Amcotts. The previous hourly Monday to Saturday daytime service now operates every 75 minutes, with some slightly shorter and longer intervals between certain journeys. Journey times are extended, so I guess this change maybe driven by punctuality issues?

New Hornsby 35 timetable


Anonymous said...

I only just found out about this the hard way today which I was not amused about since this came with zero advance warning. Hence I was stood at my stop in Keadby waiting over half an hour before the bus appeared heading towards Amcotts which had me thinking "Oh... it's one of those bad days with long delays" only to find out on the return journey - which left five minutes earlier than expected - that the timetable had totally changed.

Punctuality issues have definitely been a major problem on this route for about a year. Sometimes, delays at the Berkeley Circle cause headaches but most of the time it's down to a couple of regular drivers on the route. I shall refrain from commenting on their annoying habits but two of them definitely don't work to correct standards or procedures and that's caused many delays so I'm rather annoyed about this change because if they did their duties properly then the hourly circle would still work with no real problems.

City of Hull & Humber Environment Forum said...

And Stagecoach have picked up Service 16 under tender from North Lincolnshire Council.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the recent change by Hornsby to the timetable of the 35 Amcotts/Keadby to Scunthorpe service has been a bit of a fiasco.

I believe the reason the change was made was because it was regularly running behind schedule and that - I'm convinced - was down to two regular BAD drivers on that route who did the bulk of the journeys between them. Since the change, said drivers are rarely glimpsed on the route and it now regularly ends up running up to 5 minutes AHEAD of schedule. Unfortunately, only 1 or 2 drivers have been observed to stop and wait at Tesco - the logical halfway point - to keep in synch with the timetable... sadly, most of them don't hence been quite a few people Keadby/Amcotts bound (like myself) getting stranded at Tesco because the 35 was 5 minutes early and didn't bother to wait. It's getting VERY annoying. Many of it's customers are confused by the new off-balanced timetable too. Hence the timetable change was not necessary in the first place - they just needed to shift the bad drivers off the route and the service would had run fine on the old hourly loop system.

I am far from happy about this state of affairs!