Thursday, 26 May 2011

York Pullman cutback service 10

After tomorrow, Friday 27th May, York Pullman are dropping their commercial journeys on service 10 from Stamford Bridge into York and Poppleton. These operated mainly during the day, including at peak times, usually in competition with First York, the main operator of service 10.

Remaining is a single return trip to Stamford Bridge on Saturday mornings, and a daily late evening service - new timetable It would seem therefore that the Sunday evening service has been saved - earlier in the year it was under threat.


TonyW said...

What is utterly disgraceful is that it is only yesterday or today that this timetable has appeared on Pullman's website.

Any normal member of the public who doesn't routinely peruse N&P will be completely unaware that this change is coming in in 2 days time - dreadful, totally unprofessional

Anonymous said...

That is rich coming from someone who made a pigs ear of the York Service network when he was commercial manager at First York.