Monday, 9 May 2011

New EYMS Sunday 155 timetable

Following the loss of Sunday service 156 to Colins of Goole as off yesterday (Sunday 8th), EYMS service 155 has a new Sunday timetable; 4 journeys each way between Elloughton, Brough and Hull with the first starting from South Cave and the last finishing at South Cave. The new timetable from EYMS indicates the Sunday 155 is a fully commercial operation.

Previously the Sunday 155 and 156 was mostly tendered and comprised 4 journeys a day to each off Hull and Goole. Hopefully the revised Sunday 156 between Elloughton, South Cave, Gilberdyke, Howden and Goole maintains connections to the 155 for passengers between Gilberdyke and North Cave and Hull, for example.


Anonymous said...

If it does maintain connections, you won't find any mention of them in the EYMS timetable leaflet.

Anonymous said...

Do you know if the new bus times the same as the old ones? I can't find them anywhere.

I often have to travel between Goole and Howden on a Sunday and my local bus stop doesn't have a timetable up.

Colinsofgoole said...

As the owner of Colins of Goole, I have spoken to bus info operated by EYMS and given them the timetable that was supplied to me directly from East Yorkshire council, as far as i can see the service operates as it use to for EYMS on a Sunday, re timetables at the bus stops, the council sent me an email, saying due to cost cuts, they will no longer be able to change the timetables at bus stops, I have asked for permission to do this, and am waiting on a response from them.

Thomas Wheeler